Tajín Habanero Seasoning (45g)

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Tajin Habanero Seasoning.

This versatile condiment will quickly become one of your favorite spices! The Tajín Habanero Seasoning mix consists of a melange of habanero peppers, sea salt and lime juice. The spice mix is ​​slightly spicy, so that a subtle spicy and sour taste can be given to the dishes, while the lime provides an extra taste dimension!

Tajín Clasico Inspiration:
- sandwiches, tacos and tortillas
- Fruit Salad
- poultry and meat dishes (BBQ)
- rice dishes
- fish and seafood
- salads and dips
- snacks (crisps and popcorn)
- pizzas and pasta sauces
- Watermelon and vegetable snacks


Seasoning mix: habanero peppers, chiles, sea salt, dehydrated lime juice, silicon dioxide (to prevent caking).