FritoLay Spicy Mania, Triple Hell (85g) (JAPAN)

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FritoLay Spicy Mania, Triple Hell (85g)

3x to hell and back! Extremely spicy chips with a mix of 3 pepper varieties: chili pepper, Chinese pepper, and black pepper. Give your tongue and mouth a taste explosion with this spicy Fritolay variant.


Ingredients: Corn grits (produced in Japan), vegetable oil, sugar, chicken extract powder, soy sauce powder, habanero powder, salt, protein hydrolysate, garlic powder, black pepper powder, oregano powder, thyme powder, yeast extract powder Celery powder/spices (amino acid, etc.), flavor, spice extract, paprika pigment, sweetener (sucralose), (contains partially wheat, soybeans and chicken)

Warning: Do not touch eyes with your hands after eating these chips.