Annabelle's Rocky Road Mint Bar (46g)

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Annabelle's Rocky Road Mint Bar.

A Rocky Road Mint bar is a tasty mint marshmallow bar with pieces of roasted cashew nuts, a crispy cracker base, topped with a sweet coating of dark chocolate.


Dark chocolate (contains: sugar, chocolate liqueur, cocoa butter, milk fat , soy lecethin , natural vanilla flavors), sugar, glucose syrup, cashews , malted milk crunch (contains: wheat flour and malt barley extract, whole milk , salt, sodium bicarbonate), partially hydrogenated palm kernel oil, processed cocoa powder with alkali, soy lecethin as emulsifier, artificial flavors, sorbitol, gelatin, glycerin, salt.

Contains: Milk and Milk Ingredients, Cashews, Wheat, Barley, Soy

Made in a factory wherever; milk, eggs, wheat, nuts and peanuts are processed.