Pocky Zeitaku Jitate, Almond Milk

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Pocky Zeitaku Jitate, Almond Milk

A luxurious version of Almond Pocky Sticks. The package contains 20 smaller sticks that are packed per 2. The almond biscuit sticks are extra well dipped in a nice thick layer of almond milk cream, which makes the snack feel and taste extra luxurious!

Pocky (ポッキー ) is a Japanese chocolate snack that comes in many flavors.


Ingredients : Wheat flour , lactose , sugar, palm oil, cocoa butter, whole milk powder , whey powder , indigestible dextrin, almond , shortening, almond milk powder , wheat protein , malt extract, cocoa paste, fermented butter , salt, coffee powder / emulsifier, chemical yeast, aroma, inorganic salts , vitamin E (E306).