Cadbury Curly Wurly 4 Pack (104g)

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Cadbury Crunchy Cola (36g)

Enjoy the all new Limited Edition of Cadbury - Crunchy Cola, a great blend of fizzy cola with crunchy gems that add a fun and spicy twist to your favorite Cadbury chocolate bar.

Created by Indian Mughda Satish Kulkarni and chosen as the winner by Cadbury consumers, this Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolate bar is available in a limited edition.


Ingredients: Sugar, milk solids (19%*), breaded confectionery (precious stones (15% (sugar, hydrogenated oils, cocoa solids, lactose-rich protein-free whey permeate powder, milk solids, refined wheat flour (Maida), emulsifiers (414,442, 476), coloring agents (E171, E102*, E133, E124*, 1E27*, E122, E132, E110*), glazing agent (E903), liquid glucose, flavors (natural, natural) identical and artificial (caramel and vanilla) flavors), cocoa butter, cocoa solids, emulsifiers ( 442,476), flavors (natural, nature-identical (cola) and artificial (vanilla) flavors). Contains added cola flavor

*AZO dyes may adversely affect children's activity or attention