Pocky Coconut & Brown Sugar (37g) Date Best By ( 20-12-2022 )

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Pocky (ポッキー ) is a Japanese chocolate snack better known in the Netherlands under the name, Mikado.


Ingredients : Wheat flour , sugar, vegetable oil (contains antioxidants (contains concentrated mixed tocopherol 307b, lactose , milk powder, rerotif fat) (contains antioxidants (contains mixed tocopherol 307b), cocoa powder, coconut cream powder, synthetic flavor (brown sugar, cendol, kelepa, milk , butter (contains antioxidant (concentrated mixed tocopherol 307b), malt extract, stabilizer (oxidative starch, salt, emulsifier ( soy lecithin , yeast, emulsifier (sodium bicarbonate), natural coloring)) (beta-carotene (vegetable)) .

Contains: Wheat, Lactose, Milk, Soy